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shipping produce via railcar can greatly benefit the efficiency of your supply chain

unfortunately, problems with delay, malfunction of equipment, and poor handling can and often do occur these can directly result in losses to your company in the form of reduced or lost sales, inability to fill orders, or extra costs associated with repacking or re-grading your product to bring it to the level of quality you demand for your customers

when this occurs, you are entitled to compensation for your expenses

as we review information you provide, we will look at each of these aspects to determine carrier liability

the following are common criteria for claims:



when a shipment arrives in damaged condition, including presence of various defects, rotten product, or damaged containers


the railroad issues standard transit times for all destinations.  when these are exceeded, for whatever reason, by 2 days or more

car bad orders

rail cars are often bad ordered for repairs.  some repairs are fairly quick, but others can result in serious delay, and potentially in damage to the shipment

excessive temperatures in transit

if a recorder is available showing that temperatures were not within the set ranges                                   

sometimes, cars can arrive completely frozen, or with a malfunctioning refrigeration unit resulting in excessively high temperatures causing serious damage



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